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Welcome to UK Racing Leagues

Welcome to UKRL.This site is a new hub for clean fair and competitive online racing. We support a range of games for Xbox 360, including F1 2011 and Forza Motorsport 4. It would also help if people could help to run certain leagues as not only would it mean that more people that run the site would be online at any one time, therfore providing better service.

 The supported games on Xbox 360 are:

 F1 2011, Forza Motorsport 4 , DiRT 3, Test Drive Unlimited 2

To join or suggest any leagues, post your Xbox Live Gamertag.

To find information on the game you will be competing with, choose from the menu bar above.

We have a Battlefield 3 Server!!!!

We hope to soon have a fully functional Battlefield 3 server on Xbox Live! head to the Battlefield 3 page here on, to either apply to become a VIP or sign up a team to a tournament.

VIP status is free but we will need your Battlelog name to check your stats.

Tournaments will require an entry fee but this of course means that there will be prize money at the end for the victors. We use Paypal for payment of these fees so there is no need for Credit or Debit card details. All players will need a Battlelog account so we can shcedule the match for them. This means that the tournament will show up in the matches section of the BF3 multiplayer menu.

If you do sign up for a tournament, please check your Battlelog account, for invites to games. Do not pay an entry fee until we have confirmed your success in getting a place.